Civil Aviation Books

A Flying History will soon begin publishing its own range of beautifully illustrated books featuring hundreds of images from the Peter Keating Collection.  Peter Keating’s own career flying round the world for BOAC will form part of the background for these publications. News of these books will appear first on this website.

Voices in Flight

In association with Leading Edge, A Flying History has spent many years interviewing RAF veterans from the 1920s to the present day, a project which still continues.  What has been created is an ever-growing unrivalled archive of stories and memories from more than 100 of these brave men who flew and fought for their country.  Details of the television and video uses for this archive are available in the Broadcast section of this website but recently the company has begun a publishing project with Pen & Sword Books, Britain’s leading military and aviation publisher.

The Dambuster Squadron

Voices in Flight: The Dambuster SquadronA Flying History’s first publishing venture is now available.  Voices in Flight: The Dambuster Squadron was published by Pen & Sword Books at the end of April 2013 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters raid in 1943.  Co-written by Colin Higgs and Bruce Vigar it features interviews with nine men who flew and fought with the RAF’s elite 617 Squadron during the Second World War.  From the Squadron’s first operation, the famous Dams raid of May 1943, to the bridge and viaduct-busting missions dropping 22,000lb “Grand Slam” bombs, the book tells their stories. This book, signed by the authors, can be purchased from this website. Click here to buy it now.

Royal Air Force Evaders

The second book in the Voices in Flight series will be based on interviews with RAF airmen who were shot down in enemy occupied territory and managed to evade capture and make their way to liberty with the help of the many resistance movements across Europe. It will be published in 2014 but news of its availability will be found on this website first.