Images for writers and publishers

Images from the photographic collection owned, or distributed under licence, by A Flying History Ltd are available to be licenced for commercial use in magazines, newspapers, books, advertisements, web sites and a huge range of other media.

Our images can be used in editorial to illustrate stories and features, books and magazine articles within the specialist area of aviation.  However today they are being used more and more by advertising departments and agencies looking for different and stimulating images around which to base campaigns or commercial design projects.

Other commercial opportunities for gifting

The images can be used for the creation of calendars, greetings cards and postcards together with a huge range of stationary and gifts.  The images can be colourised, manipulated, posterised or changed by a bewildering array of digital methods.

The collection is so important, varied, detailed and comprehensive that it is of great interest to aviation academics, enthusiasts and aircraft modellers.  Many pilots and aircrew want images of the aircraft they have flown over many years in the airlines or air forces.  Well here is an easy way for them to research and select the images they want.

The Catalogue

This collection has been owned by us for a short period but every day we become more knowledgeable about the amazing range and depth of images it holds. We offer a personal and professional picture research service and, over the coming months we will be creating an ever growing catalogue on line. Please call or email us if you are looking for anything special or want more information about the collection as a whole.