New programmes for broadcast and home entertainment

In association with Leading Edge we write and produce military, aviation and transport-related documentaries for broadcast and home entertainment. Twenty years of filming have created a huge archive of original material as well as a wide range of older documentary footage.

Leading Edge

Leading Edge produces high quality television and video documentaries from its base in Kent in the south of England. It specialises in military history and aviation.  During the last twenty years the company has established an enviable reputation for well-crafted documentaries in which oral history and strong narrative are combined with new footage and archive to powerful effect.

Leading Edge and A Flying History working together

The two businesses have been working together for almost twenty years combining the technical excellence of Bruce Vigar as producer, director, editor and cameraman with the in depth background knowledge of Colin Higgs in production, writing and research. We can offer a full service business with all filming and editing based in-house.


Leading Edge and A Flying History welcome any enquiries from broadcasters and home entertainment distributors looking for new programming in 2013 and ahead.

Royal Air Force Filmed Interviews

Since the mid-1990s A Flying History Ltd and Leading Edge TV have been interviewing Royal Air Force veterans from across almost 100 years of RAF history.  This has created an unrivalled archive of many hundreds of hours of filmed interviews.  Of course many of these veterans are sadly no longer alive so much of this archive is unique and irreplaceable. These interviews continue to be used in a range of documentaries, many of which are available to buy on DVD.  Click here to see what is available to buy.

Film and interview clips for licensing

Clips of both the footage and the interviews may be available for licensing so please contact us with your requirements.

Battle for the Skies

DVD available Battle for the SkiesIn 1997 Leading Edge produced a modern classic documentary series about the history of the Royal Air Force, Battle for the Skies.  This highly-acclaimed seven part series was successfully broadcast by Discovery Channel.  Many hours of original material were filmed for this landmark series including original air-to-air shoots with RAF aircraft both classic and modern.

Rare film and interview footage

More than 20 veterans of the force were interviewed, giving us an unrivalled range of personal views of the service throughout its long history. In co-operation with BAe Systems Plc we were pleased to find many hundreds of hours of rare and never-before seen film material which helped make the whole series unique.

RAF approval

Battle for the Skies could not have been made without the support and approval by the Royal Air Force itself.  As well as the their amazing co-operation during the filming, giving us access to serving and past aircraft, the RAF also supervised the accuracy of the series with the help of Group Captain Andrew Lambert, one of their most experienced RAF officers and historians.

Military and aviation productions

Before and since Battle for the Skies we have been involved with many other programmes. Here are just a few of the titles currently available.