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Photos from box 'Av'

B-022 - Avro Lancastrian

Notes for B-022

Argentine Air Force Avro Lancastrian B-022 shown in the Aeroparque at Buenos Aires, Argentina

Operator: Fuerza Aerea Argentina

B-022 - Avro Lancastrian at Aeroparque, Buenos Aires in 19631963 - Aeroparque, Buenos Aires
Tags: Aeroparque, Buenos Aires, Avro, B-022, Fuerza Aerea Argentina, Lancastrian

G-AGWJ - Avro Lancastrian

Notes for G-AGWJ

Avro Lancastrian G-AGWJ 'Star Glow' of British South American Airlines seen at London Airport on 18 May 1946, just 3 months before it was damaged beyond repair in a landing accident in the Gambia. It flew the London to Buenos Aires route.

C/N 1282

Operator: British South American Airways

G-AGLW - Avro Lancastrian

Notes for G-AGLW

BOAC used their Avro Lancastrians on the England to Australia route from May 1945. G-AGLW, named “Northampton”,was flown until 1950

Operator: BOAC

G-AGLW - Avro Lancastrian at London Airport in 19461946 - London Airport
Tags: Avro, BOAC, G-AGLW, Lancastrian, LAP, London Airport

CF-CMW - Avro Lancastrian

Notes for CF-CMW '104'

Operator: Unknown

CF-CMW - Avro Lancastrian at Prestwick in 19481948 - Prestwick
Tags: Avro, CF-CMW, Lancastrian, PIK, Prestwick, Unknown
Aeroplane photograph example unavailable1948 - Prestwick
Tags: Avro, CF-CMW, Lancastrian, PIK, Prestwick, Unknown
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