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Photos from box 'Al to Au'

G-AOZZ - Armstrong Whitworth Argosy

Operator: BEAC

G-AOZZ - Armstrong Whitworth Argosy at La Paz in 19621962 - La Paz
Tags: Argosy, Armstrong Whitworth, BEAC, G-AOZZ, La Paz, LAP

Photos from box 'Boeing 707 UK + Comm'

G-APFB - Boeing 707 436

Notes for G-APFB

Boeing 707-436 G-APFB of BOAC landing at London Airport in November 1960

Operator: BOAC

Aeroplane photograph example unavailable1960 - La Paz
Tags: 436, 707, BOAC, Boeing, G-APFB, La Paz, LAP
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