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Photos from box 'Airbus to Airspeed'

G-AMAD - Airspeed Ambassador 2

Notes for G-AMAD

Converted to a flying horsebox G-AMAD cartwheeled on landing at Heathrow on 3 July 1968 and ended up in the new terminal 1 then under construction.  6 people and 8 horses killed.

Operator: BKS

Aeroplane photograph example unavailable1968 - Heathrow
Tags: 2, Airspeed, AS.57 Ambassador, BKS, G-AMAD, Heathrow, LHR

G-ALZW - Airspeed Ambassador

G-ALZW - Airspeed Ambassador at Unknown in UnknownUnknown - Unknown
Tags: Airspeed, Ambassador, BKS, G-ALZW, Unknown

G-AMAC - Airspeed Ambassador

G-AMAC - Airspeed Ambassador at Yeadon in 19631963 - Yeadon
Tags: Airspeed, Ambassador, BKS, G-AMAC, Yeadon

Photos from box 'Beagle to Bristol'

G-ANBD - Bristol Britannia

Operator: BKS

G-ANBD - Bristol Britannia at Heathrow in 19661966 - Heathrow
Tags: BKS, Bristol, Britannia, G-ANBD, Heathrow, LHR
G-ANBD - Bristol Britannia at Southend in 19661966 - Southend
Tags: BKS, Bristol, Britannia, G-ANBD, Southend

G-ANBK - Bristol Britannia

G-ANBK - Bristol Britannia at Unknown in 19651965 - Unknown
Tags: BKS, Bristol, Britannia, G-ANBK, Unknown

Photos from box 'Britten Norman'

G-AWNT - Britten-Norman Islander BN-2

Operator: BKS

Aeroplane photograph example unavailable1973 - Glasgow
Tags: BKS, Britten-Norman, G-AWNT, Glasgow, Islander BN-2
Aeroplane photograph example unavailable1970 - Leeds
Tags: BKS, Britten-Norman, G-AWNT, Islander BN-2, Leeds
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