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Photos from box 'Saab-Short'

G-EBVG - Short Calcutta

Notes for G-EBVG Kisumu, Kenya September 1931

Operator: Imperial Airways

G-EBVG - Short Calcutta at Kisumu in 19311931 - Kisumu
Tags: Calcutta, G-EBVG, Imperial Airways, Kisumu, Short

S1589 - Short Sarafand

Operator: Short Brothers

S1589 - Short Sarafand at Rochester in 19321932 - Rochester
Tags: Rochester, S1589, Sarafand, Short, Short Brothers

K3592 - Short Singapore III

K3592 - Short Singapore III at Unknown in 19341934 - Unknown
Tags: III, K3592, Short, Short Brothers, Singapore, Unknown

J7295 - Short Springbok II

Notes for J7295 Bristol Jupiter VI Engine
J7295 - Short Springbok II at Unknown in 19271927 - Unknown
Tags: II, J7295, Short, Short Brothers, Springbok, Unknown

J6854 - Short Swallow Silver Streak

Notes for J6854 First British All-Metal Aircraft

G-ADHL - Short Empire Class

Notes for G-ADHL 'Canopus' 1st to be completed and flown and was also to first to fly the entire Imperial Airways/Qantas Empire route England - Australia

Operator: Imperial Airways

G-ADHL - Short Empire Class at Unknown in 19361936 - Unknown
Tags: Canopus, Empire Class, G-ADHL, Imperial Airways, Short, Unknown

SHORT-NO1 - Short No.1 Biplane

Notes for SHORT-NO1 1st Aircraft Designed by Horace Short

Operator: Short Brothers

SHORT-NO1 - Short No.1 Biplane at Unknown in 19091909 - Unknown
Tags: No.1 Biplane, Short, Short Brothers, SHORT-NO1, Unknown

K3593 - Short Singapore III

Operator: 10 Squadron, Royal Air Force

K3593 - Short Singapore III at Rochester in 19341934 - Rochester
Tags: 10 Squadron, Royal Air Force, III, K3593, Rochester, Short, Singapore
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